Kids Only
Young Athlete Shoes. Good Ole’ Fashioned Fun.
For 2015, Nike’s Young Athlete brand felt like stepping up their shoe game in a way that adult Nike had been handling their goods for years…MAKE IT EXCLUSIVE.
Enter Nike’s first ever kid’s only kicks—shoes in a size 7 or below, all inspired by stories from when LeBron, Kyrie, Kobe and KD were growing up.
My job was to name all the shoes that will be dropping (20 in total), as well as recollect the athlete’s story that inspired it in snappy .com copy and longer PR drops. There’s still 16 more sneaks to come, so if you have a kid, have small feet or just love things you can’t have..stay tuned.

Spoiler Alert: This project was one of the most fun I’ve ever had writing for the brand. Kids be KRAZY!