Just Do It
Online Hustling. E-Knowledge Dropping.
There’s nothing quite like copywriting for the website of one of the biggest brands in the world. For nearly two years, I’ve held the title of Senior Copywriter for the Global Digital Department of Nike. I worked on long-standing brands like Women’s Training, Tennis and SB, and helped created the tone for new brands like Women, Young Athletes and Men’s Training. That title and those duties sound super giant, but what it basically means is that I create stuff for Nike.com and other things in the online realm (or that would transfer over to online):
Headlines and subheads for page headers, breaks and products? Check.
Innovation editorials, deep tech breakdowns and catalog work? Yep.
Emails, subject lines, twitter drops and decks? You know it.

Brag: As the timeline states, from when I showed up, Nike.com sales jumped through the roof and got its stock soaring. But can I take the credit for all this unprecedented growth? Well, all I can say is that it is quite a coincidence indeed…