The most fun part of any advertising adventure is this part right here.

It’s basically where anything can happen. Like, seriously‚ĶANYTHING CAN HAPPEN HERE!

Do you want a commercial where you’re a viking punching a shark in super hi-def slow motion while flame-throwing funny cars are performing figure-8’s shooting fireworks into the sky designing your company’s logo and then play this commercial during the Super Bowl 8 times? That idea is absolutely on the table!

There are no wrong ideas in brainstorming. None at all. Every idea is a support building to something lager. Every addition to the conversation has an opportunity to become a stepping stone. A light bulb. A spark.

Tyler Corp Inc helps you brainstorm ideas. ¬†Ideas can be campaign concepts, marketing materials, photo shoots, guerilla tactics or anything in between. Whatever the context, these ideas are meant to create a foundation for marketing efforts to follow, which is why people often refer to them as “The Big Idea.”

Brainstorming for your Big Idea represents the differentiating benefit of your product to the customer in the most thoughtful and simple way possible. It’s an idea that trickles down into everything you do, making your brand’s image cohesive and easily identifiable to your customers. But enough of all that…like I said, brainstorming is the most fun that you should have having with your brain all day PERIOD END OF STORY.