What Corp Does

Social Storytelling Social Storytelling

Social Storytelling goes beyond just Tweeting about what you had for lunch (Unless you had pizza.  That’s typically RT gold!).  It’s about speaking in your brand’s voice.  Conveying a personality to your customers that they want to interact with.  Becoming a real life human-being that your clients want to interact with and can easily introduce […]

Creative Directing Creative Directing

Creative Direction is like being Christopher Columbus but with ideas and remaining less genocide-y. “Sure”, hundreds of sea captains and Spaniards thought while sitting in bars, with beer confidently energizing their ill-conceived plans, “…let’s just start sailing and we’ll find something awesome!”  Well, that sort of thinking got most of them drunk, others of them […]

Copywriting Wordsmithery Copywriting Wordsmithery

It’s one of the most ironic things; being unable to explain to friends and family what exactly copywriting is without the benefit of writing it down. They don’t necessarily see the benefit of copywriting as they “write emails all day.  why is this any different?”  Well, it is VASTLY different than writing an email, but […]

Corp's Crew

The Bosses of This Beltway

  • The Social Stud
    @you, reading this, should come over to the factory some time. We’ll have a coffee #blackcrack. Be sure to check-in. @Tyler’s online swagger is a gift. Making your brand seem relatable while giving it something interesting to say isn’t just dinner party stuff anymore. Tweet dat

  • The Messenger
    Writing is Tyler’s happy place from the scary world. So don’t be worried that he spends his days in a dark cavernous room just clickity-clak with no use for food, water, interaction or toilet. Again, no worries. He’s been working this way for Wieden+Kennedy, Jordan and now CORP.

  • The Creative Snowflake
    Everybody loves a creative. Doesn’t shave. Always jittery. Curses constantly. Gets you psyched about awesome sh*t…sorry. Tyler’s been thinking like a weirdo since birth. As creative director to some pretty killer brands, Tyler’s made his mama proud with some pretty dope work.

  • The Foundation
    Tyler began Tyler Corp Inc upon graduating the University of Arizona with his obviously necessary Bachelors in Accounting. Concepting creativity with companies as big as Nike or as intimate as 1-person consulting firm, Tyler lives for the business…and it’s always business time.